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Hire a Guide, Porter or Porter-Guide in Nepal

P1011229Arranging your Nepal trekking guide or porter couldn't be easier with us, just fill in the short form below and we'll do the leg work for you here in Nepal to send you off on your Himalayan trekking adventure with the best possible team.

We recommend that you always take at least one Nepali guide or porter-guide on any trek in Nepal, to both help with language barriers and greatly enrich the overall experience of trekking in the Himalayas.

How much does a guide in Nepal cost?

As always at Elite Trekkers, we ensure our Nepal trekking guide, trekking porters and all other Nepali staff get paid properly - which means everyone is a winner!

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How many trekkers are there?

Where do you want to go, and when?

Introduce yourself to us

How many guides, porter-guides or porters do you need?

We can help you figure this out, so leave it blank if you're not sure.


Anything else we should know?
Do you have a preferred route, questions or other requirements for us?

Insuring your team is essential

Many trekking companies in Nepal won't tell you this or do this, but we're not like the rest...
Without guide & porter insurance, your team could lose their life savings, or worse, if something happens to them on your trek.

We can offer you a great flat rate of just $28 per guide or porter for this if you'd like us to arrange it, or you can arrange it yourself.
Note: This is a one-off cost that covers your team for the whole trek - this is not a daily fee.

We'll help you with whatever you need, and get you on the right trek.

Why you're choosing well

  • A Fair Deal

    We pay our staff properly and we give our profits back to the locals.
    We make sure they have the right gear and the right insurance. We take pride in our ethics.

  • Staying Safe

    Your safety is our priority. Our guides know how to look out for you, and how to help if you need it.

  • Support Nepal

    We source our staff equipment from family owned Nepali companies, ensuring prosperity for local people, not corporations.

  • Expert Advice

    On top of our Nepal trekking advice pages, we offer a free Q&A advice service for all our trekkers.


If you have any questions about hiring a trekking guide in Nepal, or any other aspect of arranging your own trekking team for trekking in Nepal or elsewhere that isn't answered on our website, you can contact us at Elite Trekkers online, or use our Ask an Elite Trekker Expert service. We want you to have the time of your life trekking in Nepal and if you hire a trekking guide or hire a porter or porter guide, we want to ensure they have a good time and are properly looked after also.

In addition, if you have used our DIY trekking services to hire a Nepal trekking guide, or any other part of our service and have been unsatisfied in any way, or have any concerns about the behaviour of your team members or our methods of operation, please make sure you let us know ASAP so we can keep improving our Nepal trekking guide finder services and ensure everyoe who works for us enjoys what they do and the life it provides them as a porter-guide, porter or  trekking guide in Nepal.