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How much should I tip my guide and porter in nepal?

The generally accepted industry minimum for tipping your guide and porter team in Nepal is about $5.50 per day for porter and $6.50 for guides.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on your tip for each team member, and these include:

  • How good the general quality of service was.
  • Did the team member go above and beyond in their role?
  • How much will your tip make a difference to their life this year?
  • How much can you afford to part with (if more than the minimum).
  • How hard was the trekking route? If you found your Everest Base Camp Trek or other trek very tough, maybe they did too?

At Elite Trekkers we're all about helping the locals to have a better life. As such, we believe a good daily tip amount to consider a baseline is around $6.50 for porters and $8 for guides.

This of course depends on how happy you are with the service they provide and the other factors listed above, and more is always welcome. A small increase here can be enough to feed their families for 2 or 3 more weeks.

Top Tip

It's best to give tips in Nepali rupees near the end of the trek (ideally not the vary last night back in Lukla or Pokhara in case your Nepali guides and porters go home right away) and to do so privately, or in envelopes so as not to risk upsetting anyone or creating any jealousy.


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